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Every story needs a reader. Every writer needs an editor.
We know that everything for you is in that manuscript. Your profession, your love, your personal reason for wanting your name cast in sodium lights, legible from the International Space Station.

You are Right! Your story deserves to be read by the world. Your academic research deserves to be published and devoured by your peers in university. Your ideas are what will propel your corner of the internet into the future faster than the rest of the world can run to catch up with you.

That is why you need Earth Alien to edit that magnum opus, because what you have is a gift to the world and it needs to be translated into every platform, in every language, and placed on every bookshelf the libraries of your world can offer. Our staff is eclectic, motivated, and so open minded we leak brain lubricant. We succeed when you succeed, and our operators have enough experience with real world environments to know that the Next Big Thing may truly be discovered in the unlikeliest of places.

We want to help you be awesome. Our people can perform a multitude of tasks, including in-depth historical and technical research of a myriad of highly variegated topics. We can translate your manuscript in several ways, using grammar from native equivalent operators and speakers. We can help you design, format, and bounce ideas. Along the way our staff can and will edit, thoroughly and professionally according to internationally recognised standards of language use.

You need the best, and you may not have an entire university or Fortune 500 conglomerate to underwrite your project. We understand, and you are our dedicated target audience. Each book, article, or layout we receive is attended to as if our own mortgage depended on it. You don't need to worry any longer, about whether or not someone will drop out of the skies to hand you the answers you wish you had. If you found our website, we are ready and waiting to help, right now.

Featured Projects

The Affair: A Radio Detective Agency Novel

Editing of The Affair: A Radio Detective Agency Novel. Click photo to purchase. LD McDonnell's first release! Roger O’Hare had always dreamed about following in his father’s footsteps of being a police officer. Being a dwarf thwarted this dream, but that didn’t stop Roger -who turns the tables and becomes a killer-diller Private Investigator!
Roger runs the Radio Detective Agency in Charleston, West Virginia. Even though he detests extramarital affair cases, business is a little slow, so when he is approached by a ritzy European lady with a French accent who wants to know if her husband is having an affair, he reluctantly takes the case. While he and his assistant are investigating, they are ambushed at the client’s house and discover the client’s husband’s dead body. The two soon realize that there is more to this case than meets the eye. As they follow the clues and get closer to the answers needed to solve this mystery, they are forced to use all their moxie… and martial arts skills to fight for their lives after their client is kidnapped! In a twist neither of them see coming, they find that their client has a dark secret. As the case comes closer to being solved, Roger gets assistance from his best friend’s colleagues at the Federal Bureau of Investigation to expose the true identities of the client and her late husband. And the clowns… what’s with the clowns?

Years of a Dream, In Silence

Editing and cover art for Years of a Dream, In Silence. Click photo to purchase. Years of a Dream, In Silence is Serenity Valle's latest release. It combines Twenty-three Years: Micaela's Story with two other short stories never before published. Dream Sweetly, Girl was written for a suicide prevention awareness anthology, and The Dark Silence in the Moon was written for a mental health awareness anthology. Unfortunately, both anthologies fell through. Not one to scrap a good story, Serenity put them out as a three story anthology. Serenity will be donating 30% of sales! 10% to domestic violence awareness, 10% to suicide prevention, and 10% to mental health awareness. We applaud her creativity, and her generosity to give to three extremely important causes.

Passion In Ink

...a Convocation of Cursed Verse...
We took her painstakingly handwritten poems and typed them. We edited them and created the book cover! Passion In Ink was one of about seven poetry books already written. Unfortunately, this is the first and will be the only title by Nite Sky, Sadly, she passed away in 2018.