Nite Sky
It is with deep regret and sadness that we announce that the lovely Nite Sky passed away suddenly in June 2018. We wish we could have worked with her longer and will always cherish the time we knew her.

This would have been her second collection, unfortunately, it was not completed.

We were over the Moon to help Nite Sky go from handwritten poems to published! We had a lot of fun working with her and can't wait to start on her next volume!

Nite Sky has been writing since she was a pre-teen and her favorite subject matter has always been on the darker side of life.

When she's not writing, she loves to cuddle with her kitty, Luna.

"I believed I wanted to be a poet, but deep down I just wanted to be a poem." -Jaime Gil de Biedma

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Current Titles

Passion in Ink

A collection of stories in poem form about the darker side of life and love. A mixture of reality and fantasy. Every reader may have experienced some of the events, met some of these people, felt this hopeless before...and should vanquish the fear, and shame... and talk about it. This book brings all that is beautiful, and tragic to the forefront, so all can see that they are not the only ones to have gone through something like this, not the only ones to have felt this way, not the only ones to have hit the bottom only to claw their way back out.