Our editors have had the pleasure of working with several New York Times , USA TODAY and/or Amazon domestic and international bestselling authors.

As most small businesses, our crew came together to address a need. This need is simple: good literature requires good editing. We have observed far too many talented writers let their creativity decline for lack of opportunities to write amazing things; we have in the same time seen hack jobs become inflated with poorly contrived, constructed and poorly written works.

We are interested in being a part of creating good literature. Strong, well written, well researched, believable writing; the sort of emotional connections with the reader as could only be possible with masterful dominance of the language chosen to convey an idea. Neither do any of our operators tolerate spreading negativity about individual authors or collaborations regarding the technical or professional work anyone has performed sufficient to be in print in some form. Yet never doubt, there are authors on the internet and in the world who need editors like America needs oil. A significant fraction of new authors, whether or not experienced, might accept far too much a creative burden and attempt individually to produce their work without any assistance. It shows, and we do not want anyone to suffer with badly constructed literature.

Who are these people at Earth Alien, who maintain this as a professional maxim? Our staff includes operators with definitive, demanding and exacting adherence to recognised standards of excellence, such as a former technical publication writer for NAVSEA 08 - that agency in the hierarchy of the US Navy governing atomic energy training, production, maintenance, and use in the fleet. We also maintain historians, including specialists in history, politics, languages, and world religions. Our specialist in sociology and psychology is an ethnic Gypsy, from Santa Cruz, California who has been writing for over twenty years and editing for five. Further assistance is contributed as needed from technicians in fields such as IT, medicine, law, independent film, radio and television, music, and heavy industry. We are an odd crew of people, all focused on the singular goal of making your literary contributions the most excellent possible. We are all convinced that the pinnacle of form can be achieved for your story when it is edited by individuals who are intimately knowledgeable with the particular content, business, and real life context of the material in your story, in addition to language mechanics and grammar.

We edit with the best, so that your story will be the best.