YES! We offer research services!

In today's author world, many of us are working a 9-5, coming home to family and familial responsibilities, then trying to squeeze in a couple of good writing hours before falling, exhausted, into bed just so we can get up and do it all over again the next day.

We know that story research can take up a lot of time. Time during which YOU could be WRITING! So, let us do the dirty work. We'll abduct your subject for you, probe it and return it to you. All you'll need to do is go over our findings and figure out where to put the information we've found. Research information will be typed up on a Word document. We will include all relevant information based on your search terms.

Does your book take place in ancient China? On some exotic tropical island? We can do historical and geographical research for you. We can provide you with such information as real historical events to work into your story, names used in your time period or place, political atmosphere, religious or political movements of the time or place, geography and more.

Rates are $35.00/hr of research. Minimum of $35 charged. After the first hour, if not enough information is found to necessitate another full hour, we will prorate at the price of $8.75/15 min intervals.

We will sign a contract with you just as we do for editing, and invoice you once we have the contract. For Research projects, we require the initial $35 up front, any extra will be invoiced and your research will be sent upon full payment. Payments may be made through Paypal. If you have budget concerns, you may specify an amount of research time not to exceed after the initial one hour requirement for contract.