Serenity Valle
Amazon best-selling Author Serenity is a joy to work with! We can't wait to beam up her current WIP!

We were happy to edit the first of her paranormal mystery/crime series Acquittal, her domestic violence novelette Twenty-three Years, and her latest anthology, Years of a Dream in Silence, an awareness anthology which includes Twenty-three Years and two new stories, Dream Sweetly, Girl and The Dark Silence in the Moon.

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Current Titles

Acquittal. The Revenant Series: Book One

We not only had the honour of editing Ms. Valle's 3rd book, Acquittal, but also did the photography and cover! Acquittal is a new adult, paranormal mystery set on the beautiful campus of UC Santa Cruz. It is the first book in a series of five. It is available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback. Click the cover to go directly to Amazon. Michelle, one of our photographers, snapped the chosen shot on cold, windy, November day. Serenity (right), Akane (left) and Arleigh (center) were great sports even in the biting frosty air! Everyone had a wonderful time and many great shots were taken before Serenity decided on the one seen on the cover.

Twenty-three Years: Micaela's Story

Serenity's most recent book, Twenty-three Years [Micaela's Story] takes the reader on a journey through the life of a woman who was bullied as a child, abused at the hands of boyfriends and husbands, until finally finding freedom. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and she really wanted to get it released during the month. We were able to accomodate her wishes and it released October 25, 2016!

Years of a Dream, In Silence

Years of a Dream, In Silence is Serenity Valle's latest release. It combines Twenty-three Years: Micaela's Story with two other short stories never before published. Dream Sweetly, Girl was written for a suicide prevention awareness anthology, and The Dark Silence in the Moon was written for a mental health awareness anthology. Unfortunately, both anthologies fell through. Not one to scrap a good story, Serenity put them out as a three story anthology.